Competition Schedule:

The first three winners of each heat will go forward to the final.
All twelve finalists will be announced at the end of the evening on 22 July
For the heats you are expected to prepare not more than 5 minutes of recorded music, of your choice, that you will perform to.

So please bring a CD, and back up [another CD or flash memory] with you.
The finalists will dance to Randa's orchestra. All contestants are asked to bring a list of 5 well-known Egyptian songs that they are very familiar with. Randa will choose one from each finalist’s list for them to perform to in the final round.

This will be done after the last heat on 22 July so please have your lists ready.
Finalists will have a brief ‘top and tail’ session with Samir, the orchestra leader, the evening of 23 July, this will not be a full rehearsal.
The final of the competition will take place at the start of the closing gala. The results will be announced later the same evening.

Competition Prizes

  • First Place:

Complimentary full package at the next Raqs, of Course.

Randa’s golden crown

A Costume


  • Second place:

Complimentary hotel package at the next Raqs, of Course.

Randa’s silver necklace

A Costume


  • Third Place:  

Complimentary class package at the next Raqs, of Course.

Randa’s silver bracelet

A Costume