Jade El Jabel

    Jade El Jabel began her journey in the arts through Music and Literature. She writes stories and essays, as well as materials for magazines in the area of Belly Dance. She became involved with the Belly Dance in 1991. After a few classes in São Paulo, Brazil, start to learn by Video from the greatest Belly Dancers of the World like Naima Akef, Mona Said, Fifi Abdo, Nagwa Fouad, Azza Sharif and, never lost a Workshop from the Masters who came to Brazil, like Raqia Hassan and Dina, Randa Kamel, between another Great names. As she and her family use to be very close to Arab People in Brazil, started her career very quickly, with a few Oriental Steps, besides her experience with another dace´s tequinique (from Jazz, Ballet, and South American Rhythms). In 1995, became a teacher and choreographer. Since 2007 she has her own Studio in São Paulo and is specialized in Advanced/Professional Level´s Private and Small Groups Classes. Jade is one of the biggest names in the Belly Dance Mundial Market now. She has a unique style and is deeply involved in Arab Music and Culture. Since 2005, annually recycles their knowledge and use to perform in Regular Festivals in Cairo, Egypt. Between January and April 2011, lives in Cairo for further study of Arabic language, Calligraphy and Art, where he also was invited to teach classes weekly. Renowned for impeccable music reading as well as the exotic beauty, Jade has enchanted audiences throughout Brazil and other South American Countries, Egypt and European Countries like England, France, Belgium, Portugal, Hungary, Holland and Germany, where she has taught classes, workshops and performances, teaching in 5 languages, her unique “Oriental charming style”. In 2012, back to Cairo for Recicling, studing Arabic, teach and Perform in Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival.

    WEBSITE: www.jadedancadoventre.com.br  

EMAIL:     jadesalam@uol.com.br