Elena Ramazanova    


Elena Ramazanova, has been dancing and teaching for over 25 years, traveled to many parts of the world teaching an performing, one of the most authoritative voices in Oriental Dance in Russia and Russian speaking countries, during the beginning of her carrier she traveled and danced in Egypt for many, was one of the main teachers at Ahlan Wa Sahlan Raqs Festival in Cairo and currently teaches at Raqs Of Course festival in Egypt. Elena, is the Founder and President of The League of Bellydance Masters of Russia. Master Instructor who taught generations of most well known Russian dancers today, Well-known Instructor, choreographer and producer, specializes in folk and classic Oriental Dance. One of the main purposes of the League is to establish high quality standards of aesthetic execution and teaching of Oriental Dance in Russia, keeping cultural and traditions. Elena, is an authority on all styles of dance, especially from the gulf.